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'Chanting is a shortcut in the seeming journey from the restless mind to the heart of peace'

Paz is an Argentinian devotional singer based in The Netherlands.

She began her formal studies in Buddhist Philosophy over 22 years ago and ever since has been practicing mantra meditation. Over these years, she received teachings, ritual empowerments, and transmissions of the ancient mantras from the greatest Masters such as H.H Dalai Lama, among others. As a natural,  unfolding, she started sharing sacred music and mantras as part of her spiritual journey. In 2017 she encountered the teachings from- Advaita Vedanta Master Mooji; instantly recognizing her Guru and immersing fully in his guidance. Her debut album.'Inner Light' (2017) includes chants from different traditions, reflecting the depth of her own spiritual journey. Tracks include a version of 'Mere Gurudev' from devotional artist Krishna Das, who referred to her interpretation as 'filled with Bhava' (love and devotion). Her chants honor the sacred and ancient tradition of mantras while combining a folky western flavor in some unique way. Paz offers Concerts, Kirtan circles, and Workshops to a worldwide audienceHer music and online courses are also available on Insight Timer the #1 Free Meditation App. She soon became one of the most beloved musicians & teachers in the community with more than1.5 M plays and over 30 k students from all over the globe. Her latest CD 'Into the Heart' (2019) offers heart songs and mantras from Hinduism, BuddhismSikhism, and the Shamanic traditions, taking us on a journey of love, peace, and joy. Currently, she is working on her third album.